On May 24 Pastor Rob talked about Shepherd's house church model.  (If you missed his message you can watch it HERE.)  When we closed the Shepherd campus due to the pandemic we talked about how church is not a building, but people who want to grow closer to God and tell others about Him.  Our building was closed, but Shepherd Church was never closed!

We know that a vital part of following Christ is inviting others along with us.  At Shepherd, we do not want to just be spectators of worship services, but participants.  We recognize that there are many around us that do not have a personal relationship with God through Jesus and aren't comfortable being in a large space with many people.  Out of this is where our house church strategy was born. 

We are excited about how God is moving and how He will use our house churches to impact our communities for Christ!

house churches for families

Pastor Rob and Pastor Grant discuss their ideas about house churches.

house churches for families with children

Pastor Ashley and Pastor Grant discuss their ideas about including children is house churches.