More about pastor grant...



Grant has been on staff at Shepherd since 2018.  Originally from Western Pennsylvania, he has lived in some places and not others.  Grant has a B.A. in Religion from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and an M.S. in Church Management from Villanova University.


Grant's wife, Amy, keeps Grant grounded (gravity also plays a part.)  They have two human children, Micah and Audrey, and one canine child, Crosby.


Short walks on the beach, long runs on stopped treadmills, watching paint dry, and chewing old gum found underneath park benches to find out the flavor.

To Quote Grant:

One word to describe my relationship with Jesus: Palpable

If I could visit anywhere it would be: The inner workings of an obtuse mind

Favorite Food: Lasagna

On my music playlist: Mimes Performing Gregorian Chants Vol. 3

Least known personal fact: None.  All my facts are well known. 

My favorite form of communication is: Carrier Pigeon