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Jason grew up in a Nazarene Church in Denver, Colorado and was called into ministry in his late High School years. After a couple years majoring in Youth Ministry at Colorado Christian University, Jason went on to complete his BA in Ministry from Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO. Jason, along with his co-pastor wife, have been Youth Pastors since 2001 in Colorado and Washington, pausing once for a four-year stint as a Lead Pastor in Bozeman, MT.  They have been Youth Pastors here at Shepherd since 2015.


Truly best friends and full ministry partners, Jason and Mindy have been married since 2003. Mindy also grew up in Nazarene churches in Denver and completed a BA in Ministry from Nazarene Bible College. They have two amazing sons, TJ and Samson, who are actively involved as student leaders in the student ministries as well as playing ShepNaz Basketball.  Both plan to  pursue pastoral ministry after high school..


Dates, dates and more dates! Other than spending gobs of time with Mindy, Jason enjoys being heavily involved with his sons’ sports and extracurricular activities. He’s that dad on the sidelines (or helping to coach) at almost every one of his sons’ practices. Playing multiple instruments (guitar, bass, and drums), Fantasy football (Broncos rule!), board games, video games, and graphic design are all also among Jason’s hobbies. 

To Quote Jason:

One word to describe my relationship with Jesus: Humorous

If I could visit anywhere it would be: Israel – 30 A.D.

Favorite Food: Undercooked chocolate chip cookies  

On my music playlist: Thousand Foot Krutch, Lecrae, Tobymac, Trip Lee, Aerosmith, Disciple, FM Static, Grits, Hawk Nelson, Kari Jobe, Kirk Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Lifehouse, Lorde, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Manafest, P.O.D. Skillet, Will Smith, 116, No Doubt, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins… I truly believe anyone who claims to be a music lover can find something they can appreciate in every genre.”

Least known personal fact: I graduated a year early from High School… with a blonde afro.

Favorite form of communication: Texting for the common stuff, face to face for the serious stuff.