. . . more about ZACK


Though Zack grew up in the Church, playing music on youth worship teams, volunteering to play drums in the adult services, and playing in various local bands in his hometown of Newark Ohio, it wasn’t until his late teens and early twenties that Zack found himself seeking after God’s call on his life. He attended Mount Vernon Nazarene University for his freshman year of college, but if you know Zack, his heart was not in the classroom. Zack was able to join the Christian touring act “The Great Transparency” just as their single “Rebuild Your Love” climbed to number 1 on the Billboard Christian Rock charts giving him the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream of traveling the country to play music and share the gospel. It was in his 3 years of touring where Zack met his lovely wife Kristen at a rock show…in a coffee shop…in Amish country. It could only be God’s plan for such a meeting to take place. Soon after Zack felt a call to leave the road and pursue a position in the local church. After volunteering for 2 years as the youth worship leader, Zack was offered a full-time position in the Nazarene Church in 2014. He has been doing full time ministry ever since.


Zack has been married to his wife Kristen since 2014. Kristen is a Kindergarten teacher and loves to sing alongside Zack in worship and loves to go running. Zack and Kristen have 2 daughters. Larke, their oldest daughter, is all girly girl. Olive, their youngest, loves to explore and is curious about everything.


Zack has a mixed bag of hobbies. He loves music of all kinds! He loves listening to music, playing music, writing music, ect. But though he enjoys locking himself in a basement and playing music, he also loves getting outdoors. He enjoys fishing, canoeing, and camping.  

To Quote Zack:

One word to describe my relationship with Jesus: Adventurous

If I could visit anywhere it would be: Ireland

Favorite Food: Tacos

On my playlist: It is all over the place. Anything from soft acoustic to heavy metal. 

Least known personal fact: I have a tattoo that I gave myself…not proud of that. 

Favorite form of communication: Text & Talk