Month of June: Empowering Women With Dignity Project in Liberia

Our One for One for the month of June will be supporting the Empowering Women With Dignity Project in Liberia through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. In Liberia, girl’s futures are limited even before they reach adulthood. In fact: 36 percent of girls in Liberia are married before age 18, only 17 percent of girls in Liberia receive secondary-level schooling, and Liberia ranks 150 out of 159 countries on the gender inequality index.

Many women in Liberia don’t have the opportunity to finish their education, and gender inequality is a persistent problem in the country. Marriage is considered to be an economic proposition, and so parents are encouraged to marry their daughters early, reinforcing an unbalanced power dynamic. The Empowering Women With Dignity project helps women learn job skills to improve their economic conditions. Hundreds of women have learned marketable skills through the classes where they can learn skills like baking, tailoring, and fabric dyeing, receive advice about starting businesses, and develop a supportive community together.

This month we will be sharing success stories from some of these women as we support this great project. Thank you for being a part of Shepherd and inviting others. Every person makes a difference.