Frequently Asked Questions

How do I live stream a worship service at Shepherd Church?

Click here! ...if the service is live, you will see it playing! If the service is not live, head to our worship service video archive.

How do I watch the recording of past worship service at Shepherd Church?

Click here: ...then navigate to the service you are searching for! The dates for each service are usually in the title of each video.

What internet connection should I would be using?

Great question! If you found this page, you are already connected to the internet. Woohoo! We recommend plugging your computer into your wired internet connection. This usually takes an ethernet cable from your router to your computer.

Another option is using your home wireless internet connection. This is less reliable, but allows for the use of all device types.

Lastly, you could use your cellular network on you cell phone to stream the service. Data rates may apply for your phone plan.

I have video, but no audio. What do I do?

Check to be sure the volume is up on your device. Check to make sure the volume is up on the video. Refresh the page. If all else fails, restart your device and/or internet router.

I have audio, but no video. What do I do?

Try one or all: Refresh the page. Restart your internet window. Restart your device. Restart your router.

My video is struggling to load and is pixelated or unclear. What do I do?

Turn off or dont use all other devices. If using wireless home internet, sit close to your router. Refresh the page and/or restart your device and router. If problems persist, checkout the on-demand archive