MARCH 24-27 2022
We are so excited about this upcoming 
Prayer Summit!  Guest speakers Rob McCorkle and Corey Jones are two incredibly anointed prayer warriors and both are looking forward to investing in Shepherd Church.  We are so excited that we have two men like this willing to come and lead us to deeper places in our prayer life and walk with God. Please pray with us that God will have the freedom to do what He desires to do with us and that people will respond to the tug of the Spirit to be here.  We are also introducing new technology so that we can stream this event in an interactive way.  We have much to do to prepare, so please keep that in your prayers as well.It's happening . . . God is doing something new, just as He promised He would.  I hope you can sense it and feel it.  These are indeed exciting days to be part of His Church!