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Vision and Values

Our vision and core values at Shepherd

our mission

It is our mission at Shepherd to connect our community in a meaningful relationship with Christ

our values

We hold these values to see our vision come to reality:

  1. We hold to biblical truth.
  2. We seek people who don't know Christ.
  3. We desire to minister to every generation.
  4. We serve sacrificially.
  5. We understand that our faith life is not meant to be lived alone, but part of a larger church body.
  6. We rely on and practice prayer.

our strategy

Our strategy to breathe life to our mission and values:

  1. Worship together in large and small groups.
  2. Walk together by joining those on this faith journey with us.
  3. Work together to serve the needs of those around us.
  4. Lead together as we strive to impact our local and global community.

our measures

We will measure our success with this criteria:

  1. Do we see people finding saving-faith in Jesus Christ?
  2. Are we transforming our culture?
  3. Are interpersonal relationship being built and strengthened?
  4. Are there stories of faith in our midst?
  5. Do we exhibit a servant nature?
  6. Are we generous?